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Swachhata Pakhwada Abhiyan“Swachhata Hi Sewa-2023”- Coutesy By ECO Club

Introduction: The ECO Club and National Service Scheme (NSS) club of Global Group of Institutions, Khanpur Khui, actively participated in the nationwide "Swachhata Hi Sewa" campaign organized under the Swachhata Pakhwada Abhiyan. The campaign aimed to promote cleanliness and hygiene at a national level. Students from our institution zealously took part in various activities held across different locations within the campus to mark a tribute on the occasion of the Father of the Nation's birthday.

Event Details: The event took place over several days, during which students enthusiastically engaged in cleaning and beautifying different areas within the college premises. The activities were conducted in classrooms, the herbal garden, lawn, front area, and the main entrance of the campus. Through these efforts, the students aimed to inspire cleanliness and create awareness about the importance of a clean environment.

Student Participation: The students of Global Group of Institutions exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and dedication throughout the campaign. They actively participated in cleaning activities, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring cleanliness in their surroundings. Their active involvement showcased their understanding of the significance of maintaining a clean environment for a healthier and happier community.

Motivational Sessions: During the campaign, the heads of the college played a crucial role in motivating and inspiring the students. They conducted interactive sessions where they shared ideas and insights on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Through their words, the students were encouraged to take ownership of their surroundings and actively contribute to the cleanliness drive.

Impact and Outcome: The "Swachhata Hi Sewa" campaign had a profound impact on both the students and the college campus. The collective efforts of the students resulted in a visibly cleaner and more organized environment. Moreover, the campaign instilled a sense of responsibility among the students towards their surroundings. It not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the campus but also fostered a sense of pride and belonging among the students.

Conclusion: The active participation of the students from Global Group of Institutions in the "Swachhata Hi Sewa" campaign exemplified their dedication to social causes and community welfare. The campaign not only transformed the physical landscape of the college but also contributed significantly to building a sense of civic responsibility among the participants. Such initiatives not only promote cleanliness but also cultivate a culture of hygiene and awareness, which is vital for the well-being of society as a whole.

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