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Research and Development


To promote the culture of research and innovation amongst the faculty, students and staff and to introduce various incentive schemes for the Research and Consultancy Project works carried out in the respective year.


1.    To develop the culture of research and Innovation in the institute.
2.    To establish one interdisciplinary Research and Innovation Centre in the institution.
3.    To establish Institution’s Innovation Council under R & D in the institute.
4.    To facilitate faculty and researchers in carrying out their research activities through various incentive schemes.
5.    To motivate the faculty and students to write high quality publications with high impact factor, citations, SCI/Scopus indexed/web of science.
6.    To encourage collaborations with other higher engineering institutions/Industries and Incubation Units at the international and national level.
7.    To motivate the faculty to write the research projects thereby enhancing the research funding from Govt. agencies and industries.
8.    To carry out village oriented research under AICTE, Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan Programme.

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