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Training and Placement

Place Office

The Placement Office at Global Group of Institutions (GGI) Kahanpur Khui is dedicated to facilitating and coordinating successful campus placements for students. The Placement-in-Charge, Assistant Placement Officer, Placement Office Staff, and student representatives work together to manage a range of crucial tasks, such as reaching out to companies, scheduling and executing placement-related activities, and communicating with recruiters and students. The team is committed to aligning the expectations of recruiters with the aspirations of students.

The Placement Office is well-equipped with excellent infrastructure to support every stage of the placement process, including:

  • An end-to-end online system for recruiters and students to streamline the recruitment process and facilitate communication.

  • Auditoriums to conduct workshops and pre-placement talks to prepare students for the recruitment process.

  • Video-conferencing facility to enable virtual interactions with recruiters and to provide flexibility in scheduling.

  • Infrastructure to support online and written screening tests to efficiently evaluate the qualifications and abilities of students.

Employability Enhancement Programmes

The Global Group of Institutions (GGI) at Kahnpur Khui is committed to providing its students with the necessary skills and training for success in their future careers. To achieve this goal, the Placement Office at GGI conducts a variety of employability enhancement activities, including:

  • Communication skill evaluation sessions to assess and improve students' verbal and written communication abilities.

  • Mock group discussions and personal interviews to simulate real-world recruitment scenarios and provide students with valuable practice and feedback.

  • Informal interactive talks with alumni in hostels and departments to give students an opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful graduates.

  • Aptitude, technical, and mental ability tests to measure students' abilities in various areas and identify areas for improvement.

  • Communication skills enhancement programs to provide students with specialized training in areas such as public speaking, negotiation, and business writing.

  • Workshops in collaboration with recruiting companies to aid students in areas such as resume preparation and case study solving, and to give students an understanding of the expectations and requirements of different industries.


Overall, GGI's Placement Office aims to provide students with a comprehensive and holistic approach to employability enhancement, by addressing not only technical skills, but also soft skills, communication skills, and the ability to think critically and creatively.

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