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Institutional Values and Best Practices

The objective of the Mentor-Mentee program is to establish a strong, supportive relationship between faculty mentors and students to help the students achieve their goals. The program is designed to:

  • Build and support effective relationships between mentors and mentees

  • Provide objective guidance and feedback to mentees

  • Facilitate reflective thinking and self-awareness


The program is a formative process that aims to support students in aligning their knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired during their education with their personal and professional goals. The mentor acts as a guide, sharing their experiences and expertise, and providing support to reduce anxiety or concerns. The mentor also acts as a role model and a single point of contact for parents on all matters. Formal and informal interactions between mentors and mentees take place regularly throughout the program.

One suggestion to improve this is to also mention specific ways in which the mentor and mentee will interact and communicate, such as regular check-ins, goal setting, and progress evaluations. Additionally, you could mention how the program is structured and how often mentee will meet with the mentor. Finally, you could also mention what kind of support and guidance the mentor will provide specifically, such as career advice, networking, or assistance with academic progress.

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