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Core Values

  1. Academic Excellence: At GGI, we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship across various disciplines.

  2. Pursuit of Excellence in Research and Innovations: At GGI, our commitment to research and innovation drives us to continuously engage in scholarly activities, fostering creativity and excellence.

  3. Morality and Ethics: GGI firmly uphold the values of morality and ethics, and maintain an unwavering commitment to academic freedom, transparency, and accountability.

  4. Social Commitment and Inclusiveness: GGI  is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that promotes safety, trust, mutual respect, equality, and diversity in all our endeavors.

  5. Environmental Sustainability: GGI recognizes its responsibility to the environment and embraces the principles of sustainable development to minimize any adverse impact of our activities.

  6. Service: GGI strive to serve the diverse personal and professional development needs of our constituents, encouraging engagement, civic responsibility, and a connection between service, excellence and career growth.

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