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One Day Workshop on "Familarization with CPU Parts"- Courtesy by CSE Deptt.

A one-day workshop titled "Familarization with CPU Parts" was held at Global Group of Institutions, Kahnpur Khui The workshop was organized by CSE Deptt.,GCET, Kahnpur Khui with the aim of providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of computer peripherals and their role in enhancing computer functionality.

Workshop Objectives: The primary objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  1. To familiarize participants with the concept of computer peripherals.

  2. To introduce various types of computer peripherals and their functions.

  3. To discuss the importance of peripherals in improving computer performance.

  4. To provide hands-on experience with different computer peripherals.

Participants: The workshop saw active participation from a diverse group of attendees, including:

  • Students from Global College of Engineering & Technology and Global College of Pharmacy

  • Faculty members

Workshop Sessions: The workshop was divided into several informative sessions:

1. Introduction to Computer Peripherals: The day began with an overview of what computer peripherals are and their significance in the computing world. The importance of peripherals in enhancing user experience and expanding computer capabilities was highlighted.

2. Types of Computer Peripherals: This session focused on the various categories of computer peripherals, including input devices (e.g., keyboards, mice), output devices (e.g., monitors, printers), and storage devices (e.g., hard drives, USB drives). Each category was discussed in detail, explaining their functions and relevance.

3. Practical Demonstrations: Participants were given the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities with a wide range of computer peripherals. They had the chance to operate different types of keyboards, mice, printers, and other devices. This practical experience allowed them to better understand how these peripherals work and how they can be integrated into their computing needs.

4. Peripherals and Productivity: A session was dedicated to discussing how the choice of computer peripherals can significantly impact productivity. Topics such as ergonomic design, customizable settings, and the latest advancements in peripherals were covered to help participants make informed decisions when selecting peripherals for their personal or professional use.

5. Q&A and Interactive Discussions: Throughout the workshop, participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences. Interactive discussions facilitated a deeper understanding of specific peripheral devices and their applications.

Conclusion: The one-day workshop on "Introduction to Computer Peripherals" proved to be a valuable learning experience for all participants. It not only expanded their knowledge of computer peripherals but also provided practical insights into their usage. The interactive nature of the workshop ensured that participants left with a clearer understanding of how to choose and utilize peripherals effectively.

Acknowledgments: We extend our gratitude to all the participants for their active engagement in the workshop. We also thank the workshop organizers, presenters, and volunteers for their efforts in making this event a success.

Future Workshops: Based on the positive feedback and demand from participants, [insert organizing body] plans to conduct more workshops on related topics in the future. We look forward to continued engagement and learning opportunities.

Glimpses of the Day:


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