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Freshers Party - 2023

Report on Freshers' Day Celebration

Date: September 22, 2023 Venue: College Auditorium Time: 10:00 AM

Introduction: On the vibrant morning of September 22, 2023, the Global Group of Institution, Kahnpur Khui came alive with the spirit of celebration as students, staff, and faculty members gathered in the College Auditorium to commemorate the annual Freshers' Day. This event serves as a heartwarming welcome to the newest members of our academic family, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and fostering their creative potential.

Purpose: The primary objective of the Freshers' Party is to provide new students with a warm and friendly environment where they can feel accepted and encouraged. It is a day when seniors and juniors come together to celebrate their shared college journey, reinforcing the sense of belonging and motivation among students.

Event Highlights: The Freshers' Day celebration was filled with captivating moments and performances:

  1. Saraswati Vandana: The event commenced with a soulful rendition of Saraswati Vandana by our talented students, invoking the blessings of the goddess of knowledge.

  2. Lamp Lighting Ceremony: The ceremonial lighting of the lamp was graced by the presence of the honorable Principal, Dr. Deepak Kumar, along with distinguished faculty members Dr. Mithlesh Sharma, Mandeep Singh, B.S Rana, Vineet Malhotra, and others, symbolizing the enlightenment and guidance offered by the institution.

  3. Ramp Walk: Freshers, accompanied by their senior counterparts, took center stage with an impressive ramp walk, showcasing their style and confidence.

  4. Dance and Music: The event came alive with vibrant dance performances, including solo dance acts, energetic bhangra, group dances, and melodious solo singing, demonstrating the diverse talents within our student body.

  5. Fun and Games: To add an element of fun and engagement, entertaining games were organized, providing students with an opportunity to unwind and interact.

  6. Mr. and Ms. Freshers: The highlight of the day was the fiercely contested competition for the titles of Mr. and Ms. Freshers. The freshers' remarkable talents and charisma made the selection process a challenging one.

Conclusion: The Freshers' Day celebration was a resounding success, achieving its goal of providing a warm welcome to our new students, promoting a sense of community, and motivating the juniors to excel in their academic journey. It was a day filled with talent, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of unity among the college community.

Vote of Thanks: The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks to all participants, organizers, and attendees who contributed to making Freshers' Day a memorable occasion. Refreshments were served, allowing everyone to continue sharing their excitement and joy. In conclusion, Freshers' Day 2023 at Global College of Pharmacy, Kahnpur Khui & Global College of Engineering & Technology, Kahnpur Khui was a joyful and spirited event that set the stage for a year of academic and personal growth for our new students. It was a day to remember, and we look forward to seeing these fresh faces thrive and make their mark in our college community.

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