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FDP on Blended learning and Fipped Classroom- Courtesy by NITTTR & GCET- Remote Centre

Report on Faculty Development Program (FDP) Conducted by NITTTR Centre in Collaboration with GCET Kahnpur Khui as a Remote Centre

1. Introduction: The Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled [FDP Title] was conducted by the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) Centre in collaboration with GCET Kahnpur Khui as a remote centre. The program aimed to enhance the teaching and research skills of faculty members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

2. Duration and Schedule: The FDP was held from 16th Oct, 2023 to 20th Oct, 2023. The sessions were as per the schedule given below.

3. Objectives: The key objectives of the FDP were as follows:

  • To upgrade participants' knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

  • To introduce innovative teaching methodologies and pedagogical techniques.

  • To promote research culture among faculty members.

  • To enhance participants' awareness of recent advancements and trends in their disciplines.

  • To facilitate networking and collaboration among educators and researchers.

4. Course Content: The FDP covered a wide array of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Pedagogy in Higher Education

  • Emerging Trends in [Specific Field]

  • Research Methodologies and Data Analysis

  • Technology-Enhanced Learning Tools

  • Soft Skills Development for Educators

  • Best Practices in Assessment and Evaluation

5. Methodology: The FDP utilized a variety of teaching methods, such as lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, hands-on workshops, and group activities. Online platforms and web conferencing tools were leveraged to ensure effective communication and engagement between the main center and the remote center.

6. Guest Lectures and Resource Persons: Eminent academicians and industry experts were invited to deliver guest lectures and share their expertise. These sessions provided valuable insights into real-world applications and industry expectations, enriching the learning experience for the participants.

7. Outcomes: The FDP yielded several positive outcomes, including:

  • Enhanced pedagogical skills and teaching methodologies among participants.

  • Increased awareness of recent developments in various fields.

  • Strengthened research orientation and skills.

  • Improved networking opportunities for faculty members.

  • Development of a community of practice among educators from different institutions.

8. Feedback and Participant Response: Participants expressed high satisfaction with the program content, delivery, and organization. They appreciated the relevance of the topics covered and the opportunity to interact with experts in their fields. Feedback sessions were conducted regularly to gather input for continuous improvement.

9. Conclusion: The collaboration between NITTTR Centre and GCET Kahnpur Khui as a remote center for the Faculty Development Program proved to be highly successful. It not only empowered faculty members with enhanced skills and knowledge but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and mutual learning. The program's impact is expected to resonate in the teaching and research activities of the participants, ultimately benefiting their institutions and students.


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