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Report on Workshop cum Seminar "How to Write Research Paper" - Courtesy R & D Cell

One day Seminar on “How to write a Research Paper” was organized at Global College of Pharmacy, Kahnpur Khui on 31st March, 2023. The primary aim of organizing this seminar was to familiarize with writing effective research papers in different national and international Journals and to familiarize to write effective research proposals based on the requirements of different funding agencies. The program was aimed to promote research among the faculty members exclusively for the students who got registered in all disciplines offered by Global Group of Institutions.

Prof. Mandeep Singh welcomed all the dignitaries and delegates of the one day seminar. Dr. Deepak Kumar, Principal GCP delivered the presidential address and briefed about the importance of publication and encouraged all delegates to their active participation. Dr. Deepak Kumar emphasized that writing the quality papers helps advancing knowledge and encouraging communication. All the faculty members and students from all he disciplines were present. Prof. Sonia proposed the vote of thanks.

Session was started by Resource person Prof. Mandeep Singh with the topic “How to write a research papers for SCI Journals”. During the session Prof. Mandeep Singh explained about research methodology, selection of a journal, structure of a journal, language issues, presentation of results and discussion, tools for quality improvement. During the session he explained the method of writing with examples of sample exercises. He also briefed about IMRAD and how to avoid plagiarism during the paper writing process. He explained about the importance of funding and challenges in the process of acquiring grants for sponsored research. He also explained about list of funding agencies, selection of funding agency, writing a effective proposal, salient point to remember when write a proposal. The target audiences were registered Ph.D faculty members, M. Pharmacy and B. Pharmacy students. Around 110 participants from various disciplines attended the seminar. Faculty members also participated during the seminar. The session was very interactive and received well with the participants.

Glimpses of One Day Seminar on “How to write a Research Paper” held on 31st March, 2023.


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