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Tree Plantation Drive Courtesy- ECO Club, GGI, Kahnpur Khui

Global group of institution Kahnpur khui, Anandpur Sahib organized Tree Plantation drive on March 2, 2023. The chief guest of the event was chairman Mr. J.S Gill. The objective of this event was to nurture values among students for protection of our environment . This was a great initiative to make our atmosphere neat and clean. By tree plantation, we can develop a climax ecosystem free of greenhouse gases to reduce global warming. The chairman of the college started the event by planting the first sapling in the college ground. Plants were provided by the college management. About 15 plants were planted by the chairman, principal and students of our campus and then watered by gardeners of the college. Oath was taken by the students for the plantation of five trees in their life. Medicinal plants such as Ashoka, Deok, Neem, Arjuna were planted. The main purpose of this event was to enhance awareness about the importance of tree plantations.


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