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Synergizing Pharma: Bridging Academia and Industry for Progress on Pharma Anveshan Day-2024- Courtesy by GCOP

On March 6, 2024, a guest lecture was conducted to celebrate Pharma Anveshan Day 2024, focusing on the theme "Leveraging Synergism: Industry-Academia Partnership for Implementation of National Education Policy, 2020." Professor Shikha Sharma welcomed all dignitaries, emphasizing the significance of the day commemorating Prof. M.L. Shroff's birth anniversary, recognized as National Pharmacy Education Day by the Pharmacy Council of India. Dr. Deepak Kumar highlighted the imperative of fostering collaborative partnerships between industry and academia to propel advancements in pharmacy.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Production Executive at Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., served as the guest speaker, bringing extensive industry experience to the discussion.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Industry-Academia Partnership Examples: Mr. Sharma cited successful collaborations such as joint research projects and internship programs, emphasizing their role in enhancing academic research's practical relevance and driving innovation.

  2. Significance of Troubleshooting: Mr. Sharma stressed the importance of troubleshooting in pharmaceutical manufacturing, highlighting the need for skilled professionals to ensure production processes' smooth operation and product quality.

  3. Government Funding for Research: The lecture addressed the government's role in funding research, with Mr. Sharma emphasizing its importance in promoting innovation through scholarships and grants.

  4. Academia-Industry Gap: Mr. Sharma highlighted disparities in skill sets and knowledge between academia and industry, emphasizing collaborative efforts to bridge this gap effectively.

  5. Benefits of Industry-Academia Collaboration: The lecture concluded by exploring benefits like improved research outcomes and increased employability of graduates with industry-relevant skills.

Conclusion: The guest lecture provided valuable insights into industry-academia partnerships in the pharmaceutical sector, emphasizing collaboration and innovation's pivotal role. Mr. Sharma's expertise contributed to an enriching learning experience, reinforcing the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing pharmacy.

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