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Student Induction Program- 2023-24


Transition from school to university/college life is one of the most challenging events in a student’s life. When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations.

Purpose of Student Induction Programme is to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration.

Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution; before regular classes start. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed.


  • It is mandatory for all the fresh students admitted in any UG Degree Programme offered by the college.

  • To help the students feel comfortable in the new environment and adjust to the customs and practices of the college.

  • To enable the students to become familiar with the amenities and accessing the intellectual and physical resources of the institutions

  • The main aim of the programme is to instill the ideas, practices and spirit of Global Group of Instiution(Global College of Engg. & Tech. and Global College of Pharmacy) its unique features.

  • To enable the students to understand and have better relationship with the faculty members for setting the pace of fruitful teaching learning experiences.

  • To create comfortable environment to the newly admitted students to approach faculty mentor when facing any academic, financial and psychological problems through the well-structured Mentor Mentee network.

  • Giving attention to stimulating social integration of students among themselves and with teachers.

  • Introducing the student support systems of the college

Components of SIP:

1. Orientation on Students Induction Programme to Faculty

2. Orientation by Heads of the Institution

3. Introducing to Higher Education , Global College of Engineering and Technology.

4. Orientation by Vision, Mission, Core values and Code of Conduct.

5. Orientation by Heads of the Departments to their Department students

6. Introducing Scholarships, Office Procedures.

7. Basics of Regulations, Curriculum & Syllabus.

8. Awareness by Anti Narcotic Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell

9. Introducing the Library

10. Introducing to Clubs.

11. An Awareness on Mentor‐Mentee System

12. Feedback & Evaluation

Global College OF Engineering & Technology

Kahnpur Khui, Anand Pur Sahib (Garhshankar Road), Tehsil Anandpur Sahib

Distt.Ropar- 140 117 (Punjab)

Minute to Minute Schedule

Sr. No.


Induction Activity



10.00 A.M.

Welcome Speech

Prof. Priya Sharma


10.30 A.M.

PPT Presentation

Prof. Palvi


11:00 A.M.

Principal Address to Students

Prof. Priya Sharma


11:15 A.M.

Clubs Introduction

Prof. Priya Sharma, Prof. Palvi,

Prof. Sanjay Sharma


11:30 A.M


Prof. Sanjay Sharma


11:45 A.M

Student –Student introduction

12:00 P.M.


1:15 P.M

Campus Visit

Mr. Tarun Kumar



2:00 P.M

Indoor Games

​Prof. Palvi

12:00 P.M.


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