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Sports Meet - Courtesy Sports Club

Annual Athletic Meet-2023

24th February, 2023

Global Group of Institutions, Kahnpur Khui, organized an athletic meet on 24th Feb, 2023. Under the guidance of Principal of Global college of pharmacy Dr. Deepak Kumar various activities such as 100m race for boys, three leg race (100m), lemon race, badminton, carom for both boys as well as girls were organized . In this sports event, field games like cricket and volleyball were played by boys. On this occasion, Principal of GCET Dr. Mithlesh Sharma was the Chief Guest. He shared his valuable thoughts regarding the motive of game in youngsters' life. Furthermore, they emphasized that student must do field activities along with study as it help them in keeping themselves fresh with positive energy in their life. Moreover, he told that sports teaches us to keep fight continues until you win.


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