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“ MAA BOLI DIWAS”- Courtesy by Cultural Club

The celebration of "Maa Boli Diwas" at Global Group of Institutions, Kahnpur Khui on February 21, 2024, served as a significant occasion to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, particularly focusing on the preservation and promotion of the Punjabi language. With a theme centered around leveraging technology for multilingual learning, the event aimed to address the challenges and opportunities in this endeavor.

Given the substantial migration of Punjab's youth population to foreign countries, there's an urgent need to safeguard the Punjabi language for future generations. The prevalence of other languages over Punjabi in various spheres makes it crucial to reinforce efforts towards its preservation.

Technology emerged as a crucial tool in facilitating language learning, offering solutions for pronunciation, vocabulary, and contextual understanding. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation, notably in speech and poetry competitions, where students pledged to uphold and transmit their mother tongue in its authentic form.

The poetry competition, a highlight of the event, provided a platform to showcase the rich literary heritage of the Punjabi language. Through recitations and songs, participants expressed their commitment to preserving and promoting Punjabi cultural identity.

Principal Dr. Deepak Kumar commended the participants for their outstanding contributions, emphasizing the significance of linguistic pride and the role of regional languages in preserving India's cultural mosaic.

Overall, the Maa Boli Diwas celebration underscored the importance of cherishing and promoting regional languages like Punjabi, reaffirming their integral role in India's diverse cultural landscape.





























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