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"Empowering Democracy: National Voters Day Celebration at Global Group of Institutions, Kahnpur Khui"

On January 25, 2024, the Global Group of Institutions, Kahnpur Khui, commemorated National Voters Day with enthusiasm and fervor. This day holds significance in encouraging youth participation in the electoral process and highlighting the fundamental right to vote.

The event took place in the College Auditorium from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., witnessing active participation from the principal, management, staff, and students. Various activities, including speeches and dance performances, engaged the students, reinforcing the importance of voting.

Dr. Deepak Kumar, Principal of GCP, addressed the audience, emphasizing the pivotal role of voting in nation-building. He urged the youth to consider engaging in politics to contribute to India's strength and development.

A voter's pledge ceremony marked the occasion, where students and staff pledged to cast their votes without fear or bias, solely for the betterment of the nation, disregarding factors such as religion, caste, or language.

Dr. Mithlesh Sharma, Principal of GCET, enlightened students about their voter rights, emphasizing the potential of the younger generation in driving positive change and nation-building through their votes.

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Mr. B.S. Rana, Mr. Vaneet Malhotra, along with all staff members, graced the occasion, demonstrating their commitment to fostering a culture of active citizenship and democratic participation among students.

Glimpses of the Day:

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